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Best Free Fire weapons

Strongest and best weapons in Free Fire game 2024

Free Fire is one of the most famous battle royale games in the world, as it enjoys great popularity.
The number of its users exceeds 500 million players from various countries, and it is the strongest and most fierce competitor to the game PUBG Mobile.
However, the game developers always make every effort to release new updates and additions that make the atmosphere more fun and exciting.
Fans of this game are increasingly searching for the best weapons in Free Fire 2024.
It is worth noting that it provides players with a huge number of weapons that they can use within the Free Fire battle, which is full of competition and adventure.
Each player wants to eliminate his competitors to survive, and then win gifts and rewards.

Best New Free Fire Weapons in 2024

FREE FIRE fans are usually interested in the best and most reliable weapons, as the player’s professionalism depends on the type of weapon he uses.
Therefore, it is recommended to choose a good type that provides you with many advantages and ease of control.

  • AC80 Shooting Rifle: It is one of the most dangerous types of weapons. It is an excellent choice for professionals who reach higher levels in the game, as it is distinguished by its ability to kill at long, medium, and long-range with great ease.
  • kar98k-III: It is considered the best for balanced sniper weapons.
  • GROZA: If you want to use types that deal the most damage to your opponents, you can get assault rifles like the GROZA type.
  • Grenade Launcher: This type is rarely used in battle, but it helps you kill all members of the opposing team, by continuously pressing the launch button and then aiming at the target.
  • Famas weapon: It can be relied upon at long and medium distances, and the ammunition size is about 30 bullets with an accuracy of 4.5/5, and it can fire 3 bullets at the same time.
  • SKS Sniper Rifle: It can be used to kill over long distances with a power of up to 4.5/5, and an ammo size of 10 bullets.

Free Fire weapon names latest update

1. Free Fire hand weapons

  • Paddle
  • Fryer
  • Hand grenades

2. Guns and launchers

  • SPAS12
  • M1014
  • MGL140
  • M79

3. FREE FIRE game guns

  • Crossbow
  • M1873
  • USP
  • M500
  • G18

4. Machine guns

  • P90​
  • Treatment Gun
  • MP40
  • M24
  • VSS
  • UMP

5. Assault rifles

  • AN94
  • Dragunov
  • M4A1
  • KAR98K

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