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5 tricks in PUBG Mobile that will help you win!

5 Tricks in PUBG Mobile that will help you win!

PUBG Mobile is still, to this day, one of the most famous video games and one of the most famous battle royale games in which many players compete in one match, and in the end, one victor emerges.

Undoubtedly, this will not be an easy task for anyone, especially a new player, but today we have some useful Pubg Mobile tricks to help you win and have greater skill in matches.

1. Move without stopping! (One of the best Pubg Mobile tricks)

PUBG Mobile is indeed a game that requires patience and caution, but despite that, to win the battlefield and reduce your chance of losing, you must move constantly without stopping.

This is because moving constantly – even if in a funny way such as continually left and right – may be the reason that saves you from a hit from a rival player who was unable to aim at you accurately because of your excessive movement!

This trick is more important in combat battles, as you must always prevent your enemy from shooting at you easily.
After the recent updates to the game, it has become easier for players to move flexibly and quickly to benefit more from this trick.

2. Exploit the boundaries of the map

You should collect enough healing resources to keep your character healthy, right? So why not put this common sense to good use?!

Stay at the border of the blue arena (the main battlefield) as this keeps you a good distance away from the opponents.
Most importantly, when the battle intensifies and the blue arena narrows, players will begin to rush toward its safe embrace.
Here you can exploit this rush, which puts the players in a weak state of guard and makes overcoming them easier than in normal circumstances.

3. The secret is in the right weapon

Sometimes, the best trick can be the simplest… you probably have to think about what kind of weapons you’re using and what weapons are best to get an advantage in battle, more than anything else.

In short, the machine gun is still one of the best weapons in the game because it is suitable for all situations and circumstances.
Specifically, weapons like the AKM or M416 are excellent choices to focus on when landing on the battlefield.

Also, keep in mind that the shotgun is the best choice in close skirmishes between you and your opponents.
There is nothing better than it to defeat an opponent close to you and do not forget that this scenario is inevitable when you reach the end of the battle.

4. Weapon add-ons

Pubg Mobile
Pubg Mobile

You should be concerned about the importance of the add-ons that weapons can be equipped with.
No matter how powerful the M416 rifle is, in some situations, it will become useless if it does not have the appropriate additions.

Speaking of appropriate choices for your weapons, the “Scope” vision expansion and zoom additions are the most important of all! It allows you to maintain solid control within any building.

On the other hand, with the addition of 4 or 8 times zoom, you can detect a building you want to enter from a distance to ensure it is free of enemies.
You can also exploit this feature to surprise enemies, and here remember the trick of exploiting the borders of the map!

5. Frying pan: one of the best Pubg Mobile tricks!

Perhaps it is a comedic fact or a nice gesture from the developer to preserve one of the things that distinguished the game from the beginning of its journey.
The frying pan is truly the best melee weapon in the game to date and deals the highest percentage of damage compared to any other melee weapon.

What’s also interesting is that this frying pan comes in handy with this cool trick! Did you know that it is bulletproof?
This means that carrying it with you while moving will protect your character’s back from deadly bullet strikes!

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